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Middle Provo River with HCFF

November 12, 2022

When all was said and done, about a dozen of us from BFF and High Country Fly Fishers (HCFF) made it to the river!  We definitely dominated the parking lot, which probably discouraged others from joining us. We split into small groups and went to the river, all below the River Road Bridge. Some on the East side, some on the West side. Many thanks to our leaders and several BFF’ers who assisted those with less experience. Thanks to all for sharing special knowledge and techniques!!!






Conditions were in our favor, starting with a BWO hatch from about noon until 3 PM. Everyone seemed to get a chance at a fish or two, and several caught more than one! The fish liked dries and soft hackles; and nymphs, as well. The Provo is not the easiest fishery in Utah, so kudos all around. But, when the fish are willing, magic can happen!