TRIP: Boulder Mountain Trip

DATE: June 19-20, 2021

DESCRIPTION:  Seven Bonneville Fly fishers met at Fred’s home in Boulder, Utah and went fishing from there.  Fishing was good with a number of different types of fish caught:  Colorado river cutthroat, Brook Trout, Tiger Trout and Rainbows.  Everyone had the opportunity to catch fish, even our newest member Alli got a Blue Damsel fly from Jayne and captured a lot of them.


DESCRIPTION:  Weather was hot, but as we spent the majority of our time at around 10,000 ft elevation and the home was at 7,100 elevation, so it wasn’t that bad.  We didn’t have as much of a problem with the low water in the areas we fished. 

We saw some beautiful scenery and enjoyed great company.  We stayed at Fred’s house, Maria made her special meatballs with pasta sauce one night and Fred grilled hamburgers the next.  Everyone seemed to eat well.  Jim B brought his trailer, everyone else made ourselves at home in the great old house where Fred grew up.  

Many thanks to Fred for sharing this lovely old family home with us, scouting the fishing spots to be sure we all caught fish, providing extra boats and gear for those who needed it and showing us the Boulder Mountain scenery.

Great Trip Fred!