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Boulder Mountain

July 7-10, 2022

We had thirteen sign up, but when it all shook out and schedules were taken care of, we ended up with nine attendees. Most of us arrived Friday afternoon or evening and stayed with Fred at his family’s ranch home. We fished the Garkane Impoundment, which is a small pond created from the water that flows from the tailwaters of the power plant, about three miles from Fred’s place. It is a fun pond and everyone had some luck, mostly dry-fly fishing.

Saturday, we went to Lower Bowns, a lake about 20 miles from the house. It was not as productive as three weeks prior on the scouting trip. We caught some fish, but it was not as good as we wanted or expected. A lot more fishing than catching. We rounded out the day with Fred’s yummy hamburger cook-out and desserts that several attendees brought to share. We then went back to the impoundment for a few more rainbows Saturday evening.





Some of us headed home from Fred’s place on Sunday morning. Others went to a lake on Boulder Mountain, which is 30 miles from the house. The road to the lake is a beautiful drive going over Hell’s Backbone; some awe-inspiring sights. We enjoyed this lake last year, and it did not disappoint again this year. We caught a lot of fish, mostly on blue adult damsel flies thrown from kick boats. Fred tied up lots of damsels for us. And we all got a bunch of nice 14” to 16” fatty rainbows.

Most everyone left from the lake and headed over the top of the Boulder Mountain to Wayne County to head home. We will all be washing the dust out of our vehicles for WEEKS to come!

Thanks for another great trip, Fred. And, thanks especially for sharing your place with the Club.