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TRIP: Green River Weekend Trip

DATE:  April 20-22, 2021 


DESCRIPTION: Weather was spotty–typical of Spring.  We had one member who vowed never to take a fishing trip again if the air temp is predicted to be under 60 degrees!!  Tuesday was nice and Thursday was good in the afternoon.  We won’t talk about Wednesday.
And the good news is that those 60 degree days are coming soon!
We arrived separately at different times spread out through the week.  Everyone fished, some a little, some a lot.  Everyone caught fish, some a few, some a few more, one was taped at over 21″.  That was the biggest fish that I know of on the trip.  Blue wings were in evidence, but the fish were mostly not eating on the surface.  Seems like the nymphers had the best of it!  


Accommodations at Trout Creek were way good and the lunch counter lady makes yummy Oriental Food!  Pappy wouldn’t share his pancakes with us, but we heard about them every day!!  And our guest who stayed at Flaming Gorge Resort said that the rooms have been updated and upgraded and were very nice.  Both campgrounds were reported as being great:  Trout Creek in Dutch John and Pine Forest RV Park behind Flaming Gorge Resort.
Dinner at Flaming Gorge Resort Wednesday night was lots of fun!  We swapped stories and toasted and laughed and planned future adventures!  We all shopped in the store and found some great bargains!
Some went exploring when we weren’t floating the river!  Found some really cool places.  Lots to see and do at the Gorge if the river gets crowded!