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Green River, Utah

June 16-19, 2022

BFF ventured back to the Green River at Dutch John and nearby lakes for a few days in mid-June. What a great trip! What a beautiful place! Everyone said they had a wonderful time. We all caught fish, some of us caught very large fish!!! Some of us caught very many fish!!!

But catching wasn’t the way things start out. And frankly, the weather ran the gamut from extreme heat to snow, with lots of wind, rain, and thunder and lightning thrown in for extra interest.

We fished the Green from Little Hole to Coney Island on foot on Thursday; the water was low and glassy, and the sun was shiny and bright and extremely hot. Some went down river to the riffles at the cliffs. Most of us caught one or two fish, some caught none. Not an auspicious beginning!

Our Dripping Springs group hosted campfire cocktails every evening after dinner. Thanks very much!!!

Friday morning, we met at Flaming Gorge Lodge, doubled up in vehicles, and took off for Sheep Creek Geologic Loop lakes. And the wind blew and Blew and BLEW ever harder throughout the day. I was very happy to have a seven-weight rod. Despite the difficult conditions, most of us caught cutthroat trout and grayling at our first destination. The graylings were beautiful! We skipped over the middle lake and went to our final fishing destination for the day, where we caught many fat, fight-y fish in the reservoir and some in the beaver ponds and creek below the lake. Eventually the rain and wind came in earnest and most of us finished up and headed back to town.

On our way home some of us stopped at the Red Canyon Overlook and enjoyed the magnificent view! Others checked out more of the creeks and streams coming down the North Slope of the Uintas.