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TRIP: Hams Fork, Wyoming 

DATE:  May 14-15, 2021

DESCRIPTION:  Eight Bonneville fly fishers gathered for the trek to the Hams Fork River near Kremmerer, Wyoming.  Three of us stayed for the weekend, braving the local hotels rather than Wyoming’s volatile Spring weather: five more folks and two pups arrived for Saturday/s day-trip.


DESCRIPTION:  Both the fishing and the weather were best on Friday and Sunday.  Viva Naughton offered up some fish love on Friday and Sunday, along with a really curious river otter, a family of black minks, and pelicans galore.  The Hams Fork was tough all weekend, although one of day-trippers did pretty well.  Another day-tripper tried the Green below Fontanelle and didn’t find fish love over there.

A storm blew in Saturday afternoon, driving the three weekenders into El Jaliciense, a local Wyoming Mexican food eatery offering margaritas.  A hilarious time was had there.  Sunday morning offered more adventure, after Saturday’s storms turned dirt roads into slick, gooey, muddy roads.  Springtime in Wyoming.