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TRIP: Lower Provo River Day Trip

DATE: 4-10-21The day trip required attendees be more than a little flexible with three possible destinations right up until just a couple days before the outing.  Options included Strawberry Reservoir, which still had ice fishermen on it, and Lake Canyon Lake, which doesn’t appear to have yet recovered from the 2019 winter fish kill.   So we opted for the Lower Provo.


DESCRIPTION:  Our Little band of 10 fishers met at Fly Fish Food in Orem to start the day with some Lower Provo information and, of course, a few purchases.We broke up into pairs and groups of 3 for the first half of the day with plans to meet up for a picnic lunch.  We had a sunny, crazy beautiful day on Saturday.  The VWO hatch started shortly after noon.   Midges literally carpeted the water in floating mats.

Most of use caught several big fishes; and a few of us got skunked.  What can I say, it is the Provo!  Thanks to Pat for scouting with me a few days before the outing.  Thanks to all of you who attended.