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TRIP: Lower StillwaterRock Creek


Thanks to everyone who attended the trip.  I wish I would have been in charge of the wind yesterday and I would have stopped IT.  I know that some caught great big fish, some caught several fish, some caught a few fish and some got tugs.  There were tough weather conditions and pretty tough fishing all around. There’s always the next trip to look forward to, however, and I hope you’ll join us. 


DESCRIPTIONPluses of the trip are that it was the first time many had been there.  Aren’t the canyons on the South Slope of the Unitas beautiful.  Im always stunned by how pretty it is over there. And not so crowded?  Jim B and I talked about what will happen when the water comes over the top of Upper Stillwater.  Should be gorgeous and now everyone in the group knows how to get there.  Plus we saw  lots of other water (that you may not have heard of, but didn’t know where it was like West Fork of the Duchesne, North Fork and Main Stem of Duchesne and the jumping off point for other small streams , like the Yellowstone, Lake Fork Creek, and Moon Lake. Plus we got to drive through a moving cow herd!!  Kinda reminds me of Yellowstone buffalo jam only with cowboys.