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Mill Hollow

June 11, 2022

June 11th was supposed to be the Club Carp trip, but due to inclement weather — cold temps and snow! — we are postponing carp indefinitely for 2022. By the time they are ready, the rivers will all be clear and trout fishing will be in full swing.

We did have eight people sign up for the trip, and seven of us actually made it; one of our smaller trips. Which was a good thing, as this turned out to be Utah State DWR Free Fish Day! Hmmmmmm. We’ll need to remember this for next year so we don’t plan our outing on the same day in 2023. Thank goodness most club members were in float tubes and were not competing for space on the banks. Parking was a little hard to come by however and there was plenty of dust at lunch time.



But hooray!!! Everyone caught fish. Even those of us crowded up with a hundred of our best friends on the bank. As a matter of fact, I think we just might have “out caught” many of the gear fishers. Action was moderate to fast, all subsurface, and just about everything seemed to work. No dry fly action to speak of, but it should be coming on soon.

For those who like to camp at Mill Hollow, the campground has just opened and the lake has been stocked again, this time with 10-12″ rainbows and tigers.

Thanks again to all who participated in the event. It’s one of my favorites. Almost always good fishing, close to SLC, and not as heavily trafficked as some of the other High Uinta lakes.