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Minersville, Utah

About a dozen BFF fishers made the trek to Beaver, Utah to fish Minersville Reservoir and the surrounding reservoirs and creeks in mid-March. In spite of several successful scouting trips to Minersville, the bite was seriously off in the reservoir for us this weekend. To say Minersville was rough and slow would be an understatement.

Our fearless trip leader, Henry, fished the reservoir Wednesday through Friday and his only fish was after a squall rolled through one evening. What’s more, Henry’s ONE fish was literally the ONLY fish caught on Minersville the entire trip for the entire gang of us. We tried fishing the boat launch, the cove near the dam, and up over the dam on the far side. We tried from the banks and from kick boats. We even tried some crazy ugly flies from Lost River Angler in Beaver called a Sacrilege, because, well, it is. The thing looks like a cross between a worm and an egg, neither of which makes a fly fisher feel good about him/herself. In short, nothing worked on the reservoir. It was brutal.



Trip attendees did catch fishes in the splash pool below the dam and also in the nearby creeks and at another nearby reservoir, which saved the trip for those who ventured out.

The group split up across a couple of Beaver hotels and the little cabins at Minersville State Park. We celebrated Holly’s birthday this trip. Happy Birthday, girlfriend! And a few of us also spent some time with Cody of Lost River Angler Fly Shop. What a great little shop in Beaver. We will be back in Beaver before the season ends to fish with Cody and wife Miranda. Thanks for the advice on the reservoir, the pointers to nearby creeks, and being an all-around really nice guy.

Not all trips are easy. This one certainly was not. But if it was always easy, what fun would that be?!