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Willow Harvesting Conservation Project

March 26, 2022

We had eight Bonneville Fly Fishers members, two college students, and one person from High Country Fly Fishers join us to work with Paula Trater from the Utah Reclamation Mitigation & Conservation Commission for a conservation project.

The purpose of the Provo River Delta Restoration Project is to help recover the endangered June sucker, and in doing so, restore the area’s natural ecosystem. The project will also provide and improve recreational experiences along the existing lower Provo River and the restored delta area.





With a mission to collect willow cuttings for future propagation, we harvested 900 willow stems. These stems were collected by the volunteers near Jordanelle Dam on the middle Provo River. The willows harvested will be soaked in water to promote root growth and then planted at the Provo River Delta into Utah Lake currently being reclaimed by the commission.

Thanks to all who participated in making a difference supporting tree growth for future fish and wildlife habitat.