Welcome to Utah Fly Fishing!

Our fly fishing club, Bonneville Fly Fishers, can help beginners learn how to fly fish.  If you are a seasoned fly fisher, we invite you to share your skills….from casting to how to tie a fly.  Whether young or old, male or female, you will quickly make new friends at our “meet and greets”.  Or, sign up for a “fishout” as we visit some of the hottest fly fishing streams in Utah.

Visit our “Calendar page to check our upcoming activities.


We want to you to experience all that Utah fly fishing has to offer The purpose of the Bonneville Fly Fishers is to support the goals of the Fly Fisher’s International (FFI) within our region, representing all fly fishers.  We will strive to meet this objective by creating an atmosphere and developing goals that encourage education, conservation and the enjoyment of fly-fishing, fly tying and related activities. 

Brian Mesinger, President  bwmensinger@gmail.com       




That clean waters and healthy ecosystems are important for all game and non-game species – not just trout and salmon.

That some of the world’s most productive, largest and most used fisheries are in the greatest need of help

That one cannot focus on just an isolated part of our water resources – healthy rivers, oceans, streams and lakes are all inherently interconnected.

Encouraging and promoting communications with federal, state and local agencies can create many opportunities.